Harbourtrips around Port Mahon (Menorca)

It is one of the most pleasant and not to be missed boat-trips for getting to know the history of Minorca and the Port of Mahon.
Only from the water you can admire all its islets, fortifications, colonial syle houses.

What is it?

The Port of Mahon is the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean. It is nearly 6 kilometers long and has a lot of beautiful corners. Only from the water can one appreciate all of its coves, islets, forts and colonial style houses. It is one of the most pleasant and not to be missed boat-trips for getting to know the history of Minorca and the Port of Mahon. There are also many birds to see and -if the weather is fine-, one can enjoy the underwater landscape and some fish from the underwater chambers of the catamaran. .

Sailing Times

From 11th of April to Otober 31th of 2022: Monday to Sunday

All the departures sail on time. Passengers must be on board 10 minutes before sailing times.

April + 24/10 – 31/10

  • 10:30
  • 12:00

May, June, September and October

  • 10:30
  • 12:00
  • 13:30
  • 15:00

July and August

  • 10:30
  • 12:00
  • 13:30
  • 15:00
  • 16:30


1 full hour (60-70 minutes)


  • Adults: 15,00 €
  • Children (3 to 12 years old): 7,50 €
  • Babies (0 - 2 years old): 0,00 €

Where to buy tickets?

  • Via this website (with a significant discount)
  • Directly on board our 2 yellow catamarans that are always at the quayside 20 minutes prior to the next sailing
  • In our sales offices in Port Mahon:
    • Moll de Llevant, 4
    • Moll de Llevant, 12
    • Pla de Baixamar

Map of the boat-trip around Port Mahon (Menorca)

What to see in Port Mahon (Menorca)

01.- Naval Base 01.- Naval Base
02.- Golden Farm 02.- Golden Farm
03.- Musselbeds 03.- Musselbeds
04.- S'altra banda 04.- S'altra banda
05.- English-American cemetery 05.- English-American cemetery
06.- Illa Plana 06.- Illa Plana
07.- Canal de Sant Jordi 07.- Canal de Sant Jordi
08.- Cala Teulera 08.- Cala Teulera
09.- Defense Towers 09.- Defense Towers
10.- La Mola Fortress 10.- La Mola Fortress
11.- Underwater vision 11.- Underwater vision
12.- Fort de Sant Felip 12.- Fort de Sant Felip
13.- Lazareto-Island 13.- Lazareto-Island
14.- Cales Fonts 14.- Cales Fonts
15.- Es Castell 15.- Es Castell
16.- King's island 16.- King's island
17.- Collingwood House 17.- Collingwood House
18.- Skyline of Mahon 18.- Skyline of Mahon

The complete boat-trip around the Port of Mahon with historical commentary will firstly take you to the north shore (S'altra banda), passing the Spanish Naval Base, the Anglo-American cemetery, the "Isla Plana" and the "Isla del Lazareto" (a former quarantine hospital), then passing the "Canal de Alfonso XII" towards the "Fortaleza de la Mola". Leaving the mouth of the port, if the weather is fine, one can enjoy underwater views of the clear waters of the "Clot de la Mola". Returning to the port along the south coast, we pass the ruins of the San Felipe Fort, the town of Es Castell with its picturesque fisherman's cove (Cales Fonts), the "Isla del Rey" and the colonial houses of Admiral Collingwood and Lord Nelson (Golden Farm), before returning to the interior of the port where a wonderful panorama unfolds of the cliffs and the old town of Mahon.

During the trip, you can listen to an enjoyable historical commentary in English on the history and points of interest of the Port of Mahon and Minorca.

The duration of the boat-trips around the Port of Mahon (Minorca) and its surroundings is one full hour and there are no stops during the trip. This is the minimum time needed in order to calmly contemplate the multiple points of interest and to enjoy unhurried underwater viewing.