Frequent questions about Yellow Catamarans

How long does a boat-trip around the Port of Mahon (Minorca) take with the Yellow Catamarans?

1 full hour (60-70 minutes)

Where you take the boats?

At the Port of Mahon (Minorca), at the foot of the big staircase that rises to the center. It is near the pharmacy of the Port.

What is the difference between Yellow Catamaran 1 and Yellow Catamaran 2?

Nothing - The two boats are identical and follow the same route.

Can small children go?

Yes. Young children are those who most enjoy this trip because of the many things to see. Also, the trip is not too long for them.

Are the boats suitable for disabled people?

Yes, the boats have wheelchair access and people with reduced mobility can freely and comfortably move around on the main deck.

Are there any services on board?

Yes, there is a fully stocked bar with ice-creams and snacks too. There are also toilet and washroom facilities..

Is going for a dip allowed?

No, the boat-trip around the Port of Mahon (Minorca) lasts for only one hour and it is a cultural excursion in order to admire the points of interest of the port and the seabed.

Where can you buy tickets?

You can buy them via our website with a significant discount, directly on the boats or at our offices in the port.

Is it necessary to book?

Not for groups of less than 6 people, though it is necessary to present yourselves 15 minutes prior to departure.

Will you collect us from our hotel?

No. Passengers must make their own way to the Port of Mahon (Minorca) by bus, taxi or hire-car.

Are the boats suitable for infants?

Yes, the boats have access for pushchairs that can be left open and in the shade during the entire trip around the Port of Mahon (Minorca) with the Yellow Catamarans.

Is the commentary in English?

Yes. The commentary is in English and Spanish and if there are other nationalities on board, it can also be in French, Germany and Italian.

Can anything be seen on the seabed?

The quality of underwater viewing depends on the wind and sea currents. Visibility can be very good, but also bad or non-existent. However, the trip around the Port of Mahon (Minorca) is very pleasant whatever the weather and the most important thing about this trip is what can be seen above the water!

If there is bad weather, are sailings suspended?

No. The port is safe in whatever the weather and the boats always sail as they are perfectly prepared and adapted to any climatic condition.

Can we rent the catamaran to go to any beaches?

Our two yellow catamarans can by rented but they a big boats with 145 seats. This means for a small group of less than 20 people the price might seem quite high to you.