The perfect catamarans to sail in Port Mahon

Our two yellow Glass Bottom Catamarans 'Menorquí' and 'Es Berguiner' have been designed specially to sail in the Port of Mahon


The main deck (sheltered and semi-glazed) has a capacity for up to 100 people with ample frontal and side visibility. This is the most ample space on the boat that allows for total mobility for the passengers. It is the ideal place to sit in the shade when it is very hot as it lets an agradable sea breeze pass through it. On the main deck you will find a fully-stocked bar where you can buy drinks, ice creams and snacks. Toilet facilities are also available.


The upper deck is completely uncovered. Capacity is for 45 people and there is 360º visibility, ideal for lovers of the best panoramic views, a sea breeze and the sun.


The underwater deck is a spacious observation area below sea level, thanks to two submerged chambers with 8 side windows each that allow for a total panoramic view of the underwater landscape. This is different to the old type of "Glass Bottom Boat" in which it is only possible to observe a small square area of the sea bed vertically.


Our two Glass Bottom Yellow Catamarans, 'Menorquí' and 'Es Berguiner' were built specially for sailing around the Port of Mahon. They are of a suitable size that allows them to pass through the narrow channel that separates the "Isla del Lazareto" from the promontory of "La Mola" and to approach the shores of the Port and the sea bed. They have a capacity for up to 145 places each. Thus, they offer ample space in which to move around on board at leisure and, at the same time, they offer excellent visibility from all seats.


There is a fully-stocked bar with soft drinks, wine, "Cava" sparkling wine, spirits with mixers, ice creams and snacks.

Easy to use toilet facilities with comfortable access.

Access adapted for people with reduced mobility and pushairs.

PA and music system.