Information about the "Parking in Port Mahón"

Since the end of June 2017 the blue area of the port of Mahon has payment-machines. You must pay in the morning from 9.00 h to 14.00 h and in the evening from 17.30 to 22:30h.

Why not take advantage of the afternoon hours to have lunch in one of the restaurants on the promenade and take a lovely boat tour with one of the yellow catamarans. In the afternoon (between 14: 00 and 17: 30 h) parking is free and the boats usually carry much less people on board.

Sailing times in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday are at 14.30 / 15.00 / 16.00

Another option: Sunday parking is free all day long and the boats have many free seats. Sunday departures are: 10.30 / 11.30 / 12.00 / 13.30 / 15.00